I’m Tom, An Online Marketing Consultant

We have been working closely with our clients, delivering outstanding marketing solutions. We create Brands. 

Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies, building long-term relationships and gaining friends in the process. It’s more than Business. It’s family!

Let’s Start something new together!

Please email: [email protected]

We partner with your Business. Think of us as your very own Marketing Department.

We welcome face to face appointments, usually accompanied with a nice Coffee! For that, I’m based in Wolverhampton, but often travel across the UK.

Search Engine Optimization

The Process of Preparing Your Website for Surging Through Google to Page One.

Content Optimization

The Process of ensuring Content is Written well, so that it reaches the Relevant Audience.

On Page Optimization

On Page Changes which will make your website more Google Friendly.

SEO Consulting

Working Together, Building a Strong Strategy to lay the foundation for your Online Success.

Data Analysis

Market Research is KEY. We take time to analyse data, giving you more opportunities.

Off-Page SEO

Improving your Website so it ranks higher on Google & achieves the traffic it deserves.

We Understand what Works, Knowing What Doesn’t.

Whilst it takes time to naturally rank a Website on Page 1 of Google, it’s very important to adhere to the correct processes. 

SEO is MUCH more than buying backlinks. Google will penalise your website for doing this & your Business will never recover on SERPS.

There are Websites & Freelancers which can provide you 100 backlinks for $5, but this is the biggest mistake that you can make when starting SEO. 

If you take anything from Paddock Solutions, please do not purchase backlinks, especially the ultra cheap ones. These will damage your Website as Google will treat it as a Spam Site. Non-Relevant backlinks are as good as no link at all.

Tom Paddock

Consultant, Paddock Solutions

Questions & Answers

What do you provide at Paddock Solutions?

We offer many services, from Search Engine Optimisation to Content Writing & Graphical Design work. We also provide a Hosting Platform for our loyal customers.

Where are you based?

Wolverhampton, West Midlands. We are happy to travel locally to your Business, but most often we meet with Clients at Restaurants or Coffee Shops! 

What Experience do you have?

We started out 5 years ago with Web Design. Since then, we have mastered the art of SEO and enjoy working with our select clients, improving their audience each month.

How can Paddock Solutions Help me?

If you have a Business idea which you need kick-starting, we can help get you up and running. From the basics such as Hosting, all the way to planning an advertising campaign & producing content for you. Get in Touch and see what we can offer.

What’s wrong with buying Backlinks?

Backlinks from websites such as Fiverr will only end in disaster for your website. Google will penalise your website and in some cases even remove it from the SERPS completely. There’s much more to SEO than buying non-relevant backlinks. 


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