Do you want the best for your web site?

If so, then you’ll need to choose a solid web host to back it up.

Is A2 Hosting right for you? That decision rests on your shoulders. But we’re here to help.

A2 Hosting boasts a handful of positive qualities. For example, it’s the fastest provider that we’ve tried out so far, averaging 320ms.

A2 Hosting is layered with strong security, and the customer service is top-notch. They also provide free migrations, optimal developer tools, and a money-back guarantee. A2 Hosting is environmentally friendly as well.

We’ve managed to get a discount code for A2 Hosting, which can be accessed by entering discount code TRUSTED.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.

There have been some slips in A2 Hosting’s uptime over the past several months.

The renewal rates can be a bit costly. And you’ll face some restrictions if you opt-in for the cheapest available plan. However, you will be able to negotiate the renewal rates, so although it’s a con, it’s easily avoidable.

We believe that the pros outweigh the cons for A2 Hosting.

While we recommend this web host, it’s still a good idea to dive a little deeper into the details.

Let’s venture further into the positives and negatives of A2 Hosting.


For the most part, A2 Hosting offers many conveniences that shouldn’t be overlooked. The key points here are speed and customer service. But there are plenty of other positives about A2 Hosting as well.

There are many tools that will have you well on your way to creating an efficient website. Are you ready for the good news?

It’s FAST: We’ve yet to find another shared hosting provider as fast as this one.

We’re talking an average of 320ms. And this speed is the big selling-point for A2 Hosting. We have dedicated VPS that run into the 2.0-3.0 seconds range, so this is mega-fast.

Why is hosting speed so important? Well, a slow-loading page could be the end-game for an impatient visitor.

You’ll want your page to load as quickly as possible. This is going to retain the attention of your visitors, which should help increase your profits.


You have 24/7 access to real-life customer service. Whether you choose to pick up the phone, or just chat online, A2 Hosting is there to help you in your time of need.

We tested the live-chat support. It took just under 3 minutes for a specialist to arrive on the scene. This is very good, but we’d like an answer in less than 90 seconds to be classed as ‘elite’.

When testing configurations afterwards, we were getting our questions answered quickly and efficiently (in the 90 second window that we anticipated).

So, what if you’re a DIY kind of person? Is there a way to find your answers without having any human interaction?

Here’s the answer: absolutely. A2 Hosting has many different articles for those who are looking to search for an answer on their own.


You may think that your speed will take a sharp drop once layers of security are implemented.

Firewalls, constant scanning, and multiple layers of encryption will slow your site down drastically, right?

Well, that’s not the case with A2 Hosting. Their Turbo servers ensure that they can run any additional plugins with ease.

They also use HackScan to monitor their servers 24/7. HackScan is always on the lookout for malware.

A2 Hosting still maintains its high speeds. If you’re worried about DDoS attacks, keep in mind that this web host has your back.

A2 Hosting’s scalable data centers protect you from these kinds of attacks. You can delete “security” from your worry-list, pronto.


Let’s say you already have a website. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will be able to transfer your site to A2 Hosting’s servers for free.

However, you will need to give cPanel access in order to accomplish this.

But how many sites can you transfer? This depends on which plan you pay for.

A transfer of a single site will always be included in the Lite, Swift, and Turbo plans.

You get access to 25 migrations for free if you buy the dedicated, reseller, or VPS hosting.


A2 Hosting works heavily with many high-profile content management systems.

Are you looking to install a WordPress or OpenCart site? How about Magento, Drupal, or Joomla?

These are all easily installed on A2 Hosting.

It’s speed that you want, right? If you purchase the Turbo plan, you’ll get a plugin called A2 Optimized WordPress, which will help keep your site FAST.

Also, look for A2 Hosting’s Cloudflare CDN account, which will load your files separately from the server. And this also goes hand-in-hand at keeping your site at an optimal speed.


If you’re not a developer, have no fear, because A2 Hosting has SiteBuilder which will help customize your site without having to do too much research into website building.

But what if you ARE an experienced developer? If so, then you’ll like what A2 Hosting has to offer.

You can get versions of MySQL, PHP, Python, and many others.


A2 Hosting scales above the other common money-back guarantees that are offered by other web hosts. You know how they usually work, right?

If you’re not satisfied with the product, then you can get your money back within 30 days. The 30 day term is your grace period which most sites offer. However, A2 Hosting offers an EVEN BETTER deal than this.

You can get your money back at any time. That’s right, you’re not limited to 30 days at all.

For example, let’s say that you paid for 3 years of service. You use A2 Hosting for a year, and decide that you want to quit.

You’ll get your money back for the 2 years of non-use. Just keep in mind that certain fees are not refundable, such as migrations and domain registrations (as they will have been successfully completed).

We also want to strongly encourage you to read the details about the money-back guarantee.

There are some downsides when it comes to auto-renewal. You actually won’t be able to get your money back once your contract gets renewed. Keep reading to get a full breakdown on this.


A2 Hosting cares about the environment. Sure, this shouldn’t be the reason that you choose them.

But it’s nice to know that they care. Let’s look at some of the ways that A2 Hosting helps with the environment.

For starters, A2 Hosting’s site claims to have 150 different parks which house around 50,000 trees.

They seem to actually care about global warming and climate change. They’ve also teamed up with carbonfund.org in order to support efforts for reforestation and renewable energy.

It’s nice to see them take a stand for our planet. Wow, i’ve just realised I sound a little bit like an eco warrior!

Let’s talk about the carbon footprints left behind by servers. Does A2 Hosting care about server emissions?

Well, A2 Hosting has an initiative called FutureServe to help compensate for emissions. They actually do care.


It wouldn’t be a true review if we didn’t mention some of the downsides involved with A2 Hosting. Yes it’s true we really like A2 Hosting, but every hosting site has it’s downfalls.

While we truly believe the good outweighs the bad, it’s worth mentioning some of the negative aspects of this web host.

There have been recent issues with uptime, and the renewal terms are worth thinking about.


Uptime is extremely important. Your site may load extremely fast. But this just isn’t going to matter at all if your page is down.

A2 Hosting has had some issues with uptime within the past couple years. We are told they are working on it & 2020 has been much better.

Let’s take a look at 2019. There were 4 months (February, March, June, July) when uptime on A2 Hosting fell below 99.95%.

The lowest uptime percentage was in June, at 99.7%. However, it should be noted that uptime was back up to 100% by the end of the year.

Even so, these slips are scary to think about because uptime is the #1 factor for your website.

These slips weren’t the case when we first tried A2 Hosting out in 2015. Uptime percentages were stellar across the charts up to 2017.

We aren’t sure what happened in the past couple of years. But we hope the problems have been sorted out.


Initially, there are some great perks for signing up with A2 Hosting. If you’re a new customer, then you can basically get a package for half the price.

Also, if you pay for 3 years upfront, you can save a pretty penny in the long run. But there are some downsides.

First, the renewal rate is almost double of what you first paid in the beginning. That’s a pretty big deal.

A2 Hosting is thinking that you will like the service so much, that you won’t be willing to switch over to anything else afterwards. Do you want to double-up your payments?

Second, the cancellation policy is a bit off-putting. You have to give a 15-day notice before your contract expires in order to cancel. Here’s the problem: if you don’t give this notice in time, then you will get an automatic renewal.

Ready for some more bad news? Here it is: your automatic renewal is non-refundable. Be aware of this, and don’t forget about the cancellation policy.



There are major restrictions whenever you opt-in to the cheapest plan (Lite). It’s fairly cheap, at $2.96/month, but you’re missing out on a lot of what A2 Hosting has to offer.

You’ll only have access to unlimited storage on a single site. You get 1 free site migration and the refund guarantee. Your SSL is free as well. But this is it.


Let’s consider the 2nd plan (Swift). It starts out at $3.70/month. For less than a dollar more per month, you get unlimited sites.

You also get unlimited email accounts (as opposed to the 1 you get with the Lite plan). You’ll also have access to free automatic backups.


How about the best plan (Turbo)? It starts out at $7.03/month. You get access to everything from the other 2 plans. But you also have speeds 20X faster.

That’s a huge deal, and quite possibly worth the extra monthly charge. This is A2 Hosting’s fastest service.

Here’s the biggest restriction to ALL of the plans: you’ll get only 1 free site migration, regardless of the plan you choose from above.

Can you foresee many site migrations in your future? If so, then you’ll want to consider purchasing the dedicated, reseller, or VPS hosting.

These will include 25 free site migrations. Just be sure to look into all of the details of the plans.

If You Choose A2 Hosting…

Then be sure to enter “ENTE CODE HERE” as your coupon on the checkout page.

You’ll be able to save a good bit of money if you do that.

Signing up will be easy. It’s a 3-step process that won’t take up too much of your time.

You have many different options for payment. You can use Paypal, PayULatam, and Skrill.

You can also perform a credit-card transaction, write a check, do a bank transfer, or a money order. Your account will be activated immediately.

We can’t stress this enough: read the fine details about cancellation and renewal terms. You will need to have your account cancelled with a 15-day notice before the renewal date.

If you don’t send the notice in time, then you will automatically be renewed at much higher prices. And you won’t be able to get your money back on the automatic renewal.


There are many great qualities about A2 Hosting. They’re the fastest shared hosting provider we’ve encountered. You’ll get 24/7 access to real-life customer service.

A2 Hosting provides great levels of security without jeopardizing speed. Every plan comes with a free site migration.

A money-back guarantee is included, and steps are taken to preserve the environment.

While this is all great, there are some downsides to A2 Hosting. For example, the uptime has seen some slipping over the past couple of years.

Uptime is even more important than speed. High renewal rates apply once your primary term has ended. And there are many restrictions on the cheapest A2 Hosting plan (Lite).

Even with those negatives, we still think that the positives hang high over it all.

We actually do recommend A2 Hosting for your website(s). Why should you trust our reviews? We create honest reviews here, based on our experiences. We aren’t like various Hosting Comparison sites, gaining affiliate sales whilst recommending various different products.

We review what we trust. We review what we recommend.

What did you think of this review? Is A2 Hosting the web host for you? We hope that you make an informed decision. Oh, And we wish you the best of luck in your online adventures!

Remember, use code Trusted and get 51% off your package.