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Custom Link Building

I was approached for a one-off link building strategy, with the client requesting 5 links with specific metrics. They required websites with a minimum Domain Rating of 55. 

Project Name: Custom Link Building Outreach

Client: Client With-held.

Project Commencement Date: August 2020

Project Completion Date: September 2020

Our Strategy

This was in a sports niche, so I got to work finding some relevant websites which could link back to our clients page. 

Our Challenges

Domain Rating of 55+ is a highly reputable website, which would prove difficult getting in touch with many webmasters, or convincing them to add a backlink.

Wordpress Performance Optimisation Case Study (After)

Our Working Process

I managed to source 3 of the 5 backlinks with the first week, obtaining these from competitor analysis. Typically, it’s easier to get backlinks, but high authority websites don’t usually respond to requests.

I persevered with outreach until the end of the month, where I fulfilled the clients 5 backlinks. 

This would then increase the authority of our clients website. However, I did advise that 5 backlinks would not be a sole ranking factor, although it would provide some power to the inner pages. The next steps would be to ensure the On-Site SEO is optimised correctly, but our client wanted to do this independently. They did see a rise in ranking, pushing them into the Top 3 results for their keyword, although the real results will take longer to see. 

Due to the high quality of these backlinks, we managed to retain the client and now operate a monthly backlink outreach campaign, obtaining around 10 backlinks every single month.

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