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WordPress Performance Optimisation

Our client reached out, requesting for changes to be made to their website. They needed it to load faster to retain customers.

Project Name: WordPress Performance Optimisation

Client: Vortex Competitions

Project Commencement Date: September 2020

Project Completion Date: September 2020 (Ongoing)

Our Strategy

We implemented and configured plugins to increase the performance of the website, on all devices.

Our Challenges

After implementing Stage 1 changes, our client was impressed. However, we wanted to ensure this would load in sub 2 seconds, so had to implement further changes after consulting with Vortex.

Wordpress Performance Optimisation Case Study (After)

Our Working Process

After performing an Audit on the Media which was implemented on the clients homepage, I found that these images were far too large. This contributed ot the 3.99MB page size.

We then further optimised the media on the homepage, which reduced the Home Page size to 2.14MB. It also increased the loading time by a further second.

How can I help?

If you need a performance upgrade on your website, I can help out. I have experience in optimising websites, as this is a vital ranking factor for Google.

Higher Security

Optimise your firewall for enhanced security

Site Optimisation

Ensuring your Media Files are setup correctly with minimal footprint

Faster Loading Times

Potential customers will see your website faster