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SEO & PPC Campaigns, helping you build Traffic & Revenue.

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To compete online you need a Solid Digital Marketing strategy.

You need an online presence. However, simply having a Website is no longer enough, you need to adopt SEO & PPC Strategies to drive growth, increase traffic & Boost sales.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Increase Your Visibility on SERPS with a range of strategies which will drive traffic straight to your site.

Pay Per Click - Paid Search Results

A Tailored PPC Campaign ensures your business outranks the competition. Increase your Exposure & Traffic.

Audience Analytics

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Technical SEO

Ensure that your Website is correctly optimised for the Search Engines. This aspect relates to Page Performance.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We want clicks to convert. A click that doesn’t convert is a wasted click. We optimise for success.

Organic Search Strategy

With our Smart Search Engine Management, we help increase your visibility & drive Organic Traffic.

Competition Analysis

We analyse why your competition are out-ranking you, putting in the work to advise how to over-come the challenge.

Email Marketing

We attract your Subscribers with attention-grabbing articles, jaw-dropping design & Mind-blowing content delivery.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We’ve had the privilege of working with some fantastic websites. We currently manage a Handful of Clients on a monthly basis, helping them to outrank their competition & dominate their niche. We provide regular reports & assess our strategies on a Monthly Basis by Conference Call, Meeting up or Email!          Whatever you prefer!  

Gain Visibility.

For Maximum exposure, your business needs to be optimised for every platform. iOS, Android, Google, Internet Explorer, Bing & More! We help you gain the visibility required to be successful on all fronts. 

Recent Work

search engine optimisation

  • Brand Identity Kit
  • Website Design & Development
  • Ranked #1 For Target Keyword
  • Google AdWords Strategy Implemented

Success Stories

I needed an effective On Page Optimisation strategy implemented for my website, but lacked the time to complete this myself. With over 50 pages to complete, I had to out-source this. Paddock Solutions impressed me with their initial communication. After exceeding my expectations, I’m now hiring them on a monthly basis to over-see my SEO campaign.

Daz, now has free time AND a growing website

I started my Website, but didn’t know how to appear on Google. In a highly competitive niche, I was a small fish with no direction. Tom got involved & helped me organise a plan of action. It’s still early days, but I know that this will be a success!

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Founder, Affluent Circle

We required an effective PPC campaign with Google Ads and Bing, as our in-house team weren’t professionals. We hired Tom & his professionalism was second-to-none. Before any changes were made, he spoke with our team every step of the way & ensured we were happy with the direction we headed in. We also saved money per click! 

Customer Witheld

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