Frequently Asked Questions

Online Agencies can be hard to understand! We provide so many services that it can be confusing. We’ve added the most Frequently Asked Questions below. 

General Questions

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of enhancing your website so that it can get traffic from Organic Sources, such as Google Search Engine. Websites are ranked based on their Performance & Suitability for a specific keyword. 

The Aim is to show up as #1 on Google, for maximum exposure to your Audience.

What is the Difference with On Page & Off Page SEO?

On Page SEO focuses on your Content itself, optimising this so it’s relevant to the topic.

Google looks for ‘Trust’ from your domain, one way in which Google calculates this is the quality of other websites that are linking to your site. Building these links with external websites is a form of Off Page Seo.

Is Rank #1 On Google Guaranteed?

If an SEO Agency has promised you #1 Rank on Google, they’re definitely one to Avoid. Even Google themselves cannot guarantee #1 ranking with clients that are using AdWords. We work hard on our SEO Campaigns to help your Website, but we never guarantee rankings.

(FTR, we are ranking #1 on Google, we just don’t guarantee this). The biggest lesson to learn with SEO, is that it takes time! 

How Much do your services cost?

Our costs vary. We try to be as transparent as possible in our ‘Shop’ Area, but sometimes our customers need a unique quote. We are more than happy to discuss this with you.

How can I start a Project?

If you feel that you need a custom quote, contact us. Alternatively, you can order from the Order Services area. 

Are there any ongoing costs?

Our Web Hosting is a Monthly Subscription. Our other services, such as Design, SEO & Marketing are one-off payments but it’s worth noting that for an SEO Campaign, this should be run over a number of months to achieve results. Our Clients pay for SEO on a Monthly Basis, but the cost varies depending on the work completed during that month.

Do you take on Existing Projects?

Unfortunately, we don’t take up another users project. This isn’t down to licencing, but we’ve previously done this and it’s taken double the time to learn how the framework has been built. It’s often easier to scrap & start again!

What Exactly do you offer?

Are you ready? We offer:

Graphic Design Work: Logos, Branding Kits, Infographics, Posters & Illustrations. Also custom work such as Restaurant Menus etc.

Video Editing: Adobe After Effects, YouTube Video Creation, Explainer Videos & Custom Projects

Website: Search Engine Optimisation, Link Building, PPC, Website Hosting, Website Design, Website Migrations, Website Security & Firewall installation. 

Development: App Development, Social Media Management & Content Creation (Article Writing)

We are also accepting customised projects, so contact us & see what we can do.

About Our Services

Search Engine Optimisation

This process involves investigating your site against your competitors. We determine the best strategy & find Keywords which are easy-wins. We optimise your Content, filling all of the gaps. Once optimised, we start with the Diverse Link Building campaign. We also write High Quality Blog Content which will increase your website authority. 

We provide regular updates to you, including a Tracking URL, to monitor the Search Terms. 

Pay Per Click

Paid Traffic is one of the most powerful ways to drive new leads and business on your website. However, setting up advertising can be very complex, with users having to find out how much to bid per keyword. It can cost you thousands, if performed incorrectly. We set your campaign up with a specific plan: Maximise Return on Investment


Content Writing

We create engaging, conversion driven content. Getting the right content on your website is vital. It also needs to be optimised so that it can rank high in the Search Engines. With our process, we create unique content that can be used for your Website Home Page, Product Reviews or any other requirement.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts are the easiest way to get White Hat links to your site. These boost your rankings and help you achieve more traffic to your website. They aren’t backlinks on any old website, it’s relevant links to your niche.

Custom Requirements

We also accept custom requirements & have completed things such as After Effects Video Creation, Restaurant Menu Design, Poster Design & Printing. 

We endeavour to satisfy your requirements.

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