"Keyword Golden Ratio is the Secret tool to Ranking Your Website FAST".

Today we are going to discuss the Keyword Golden Ratio. It’s a super effective technique & research method, but it’s not something which is going to take your website to the top of the SERPS overnight.

This data driven method will however, provide you with quick-wins, which will start to boost your traffic.

They will be useful Search Terms & Keywords for your niche, with low to medium search volume. If you aren’t too sure, keep on reading & we will explain everything about KGR.

In this Blog Post, you’ll find out:

  • Exactly what Keyword Golden Ratio is
  • Why you should try KGR
  • How Keyword Golden Ratio works
  • KGR Case Studies
  • The Benefit of Long Tail Keywords
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our Keyword Golden Ratio Service

That’s right. Although I run an SEO firm, I don’t keep all of my secrets to myself. I will always provide articles & updates about the latest SEO practices, Google Updates & anything else which can provide value.

It always helps to explain what something is, before expecting potential clients to just immediately purchase it without any knowledge. Let’s get into it.

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)?

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a highly effective way to get organic traffic to your website.

KGR focuses on using data to find Long-Tail Keywords that are completely undeserved online. 

This is specifically looking for content which has high demand, but less supply.

Upon successful targeting a KGR keyword or phrase, you should expect your website to rank within the Top 50 results, within a very short period.

This period is between 2 hours and a few days. Although position 50 isn’t going to work wonders for your site, it all depends on your current website authority.

If you have a website which has existing traffic, authority & domain age, you can expect to rank much higher.

I’ll discuss it later on in the post, but our client managed to rank in #3 on the serps within 24 hours. Amazing.

Reasons to use the KGR Method

One of the biggest wins for your website is gaining quick SERPS boosts. You will be able to leap-frog your competitors and earn some traffic. It won’t be a great deal of traffic, but it’s a great starting point. Remember, it only takes one visitor that enjoys your content & posts it to another Forum, or even sends a valuable backlink your way.

Alongside the quick-wins, it will also work wonders for your motivation. When you’re working on a new project, it can be painful to see days, weeks and months pass, without anyone seeing your website.

You can target these keywords & find your website on the Search Engines, which will definitely increase your motivation. We have received countless messages of ‘thanks’ for clients that have finally started ranking, bringing in some organic traffic.

KGR also gives you targets to attack. Instead of performing standard competitor research and attempting to rank, you can prioritize your efforts. Work smart, not hard!

KGR will narrow your list of targets, showing you the definite easy wins. When starting out, it’s definitely worthwhile to get those wins, instead of attempting to rank for a high volume keyword.

KGR Success Story

What’s a blog post without a success story? In this case, we aren’t able to show that KGR has earnt our client over £100,000 & we don’t even have the earnings report from Amazon. So apologies about that.

However, the results from a successful KGR implementation is traffic alone. As we can show below, we worked with an Amazon Affiliate Blog which approached us for some Keyword Research. They created a beautiful looking website, which catered for Electronic type reviews. A highly competitive niche & the domain had no authority. It was time to work.

We checked their Google Search Console & Google Analytics, before conducting our research.

Keyword Golden Ratio Service

We provided the KGR Report in June 2020, which required the website to really get to work on their content. Once this content was published, the views began to climb. The content was staggered, which has led to the steady increase of active users.

The good thing about KGR is that active opportunities always arise, so the site has decided to continue on getting their small wins, before starting to target major keywords.

"Are you ready for your KGR Report?"

How do you calculate the Keyword Golden Ratio?

The most difficult part about KGR alongside actually researching the keywords, is understanding and calculating the ratio.

The Keyword Golden Ratio is as follows:

The total number of Google Search Results that have the keyword phrase in the title, divided by the Monthly Search Volume, where the Volume is less than 250 results.

Using this above calculation, if your results are lower than 0.25, you have a great chance of ranking in the SERPS as soon as your page is indexed with Google.

Anything between 0.25 and 1.00 might work, but you may find less consistent results. You could be lower in the SERPS, but you should find that you still rank quite quickly.

The best advice? Stick to the formula and search for KGR under 0.25.

It’s important to set a Search Volume cap, and 250 and below is a fantastic working strategy. 

Lower search volume terms can rank much faster than if you attempted this with a High volume keyword. Another important thing to note, is that there are more people out there competing for the Higher search volume keywords than there are people that want the easy wins.

Everyone wants a short-tail keyword to rank well, but it’s important to understand where your site has the potential to rank. 

It’s like our website, we knew that Paddock Solutions couldn’t rank #1 organically for SEO Consultant. Choose your battles & win them!

Our Keyword Golden Ratio Service

So there you have it! That’s the KGR technique fully explained. We hope this gives you more understanding before you place your orders for a Keyword Research Report.

If you’re ready for your Keyword Golden Ratio keyword pack, let’s get started.