Improving Website Speed

Our client need urgent Improvement of their wordpress site, as their Page Speed was a whopping 9.7 seconds. This would lead to lots of disappointed customers. 

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Client: Affluent Circle
  • Project Type: On-Page Optimisation

About this Project

Our Client was suffering from heavy delays on their WordPress website. After reading online, they found that their website was taking over 7 seconds to fully load. We were asked to reduce this to a maximum of 2.5 seconds.

  • Task: Reduce Page Load Speed by 5.0 seconds
  • This attributes to a 71.5% Decrease
  • We explained that whilst we could speed the Website up, we couldn’t ‘guarantee’ a 2 second load time.
  • This is due to many factors, such as Hosting Provider etc. 

Attached is the above Performance Specification sheet for the Clients website. As you can see, it’s not scoring very well. The page is just under 2MB which is quite good! However, the fact it’s taking 7.8 seconds to load needed addressing. Fast.

We made a few instant changes to the WordPress installation. In addition to this, we have installed some Image Compression plugins to reduce the Fully Loaded Time. 

This website is media heavy, so we had to ensure that any changes didn’t impact the quality of the Media.

Within a few hours of working on the site, we managed to exceed the expectations of 2.0 seconds.

Work on this site was far from finished, with plenty of work left to complete. However, we couldn’t complain with these immediate results!

What’s Next?

In addition to performing Image Optimisation, we advised our client that we would be looking at reducing the amount of requests sent by the website, by combining the sheets. 

This is because WordPress loads the sheets independently, meaning the more you have the longer the load time.

We would also be installing a Caching service onto the website & advising the customer about the benefits of using a Content Delivery Network.

That’s all for now, as we will be picking up the rest of this in another project. We completed the requirement of the 2.0 second load time, our client advised they would return for more work when next suitable for them.

Key Tools Required

Content Delivery Network

When your website is up and running, you’ll find that a CDN will be very effective for you. A CDN means that your files are Cached on a server close to your Audience location. This enables for an even faster page load time.

Use an SSL

For your Online Business to succeed, you’ll need an SSL in order to get that highly wanted Padlock symbol that you see next to the web browser. The SSL is vital for allowing payments on your website & it means that your website is Secure for receiving payments. Without SSL, your customers Payment Details aren’t Encrypted, meaning they aren’t secure. Don’t let a Hacker retrieve your details, Encrypt your website with an SSL.

Optimise Your Images

An Optimised image is going to save you considerable time when loading a website. Often, Image Optimisation is my preferred base point when starting a project. When you upload a High Quality Image to WordPress, it retains it’s original image size. This is often around 5-10MB. Expert Optimisation can make these files less than 200KB in size. The greatest thing is that the quality of the Images remain unaffected, providing the correct optimisation has been applied. 

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