Technical SEO Services

Let's Optimise Your Infrastructure

Technical SEO relates to the structure of your website, which is often overlooked by many. As an Expert in this field, I can help you to achieve perfect optimisation.


Search Console Setup

An Essential tool for checking keywords, but also for submitting Sitemap changes & updates.

Internal Linking

Analysis of Internal Linking Structure, which provides a roadmap for optimising your content.

Mobile SEO

Ensuring that Your Website & All Inner Pages are Mobile Friendly, Cross-Browser Compatible.

Duplicate Content

Fixing Duplicate Content, Missing Tags & Incorrect Descriptions to Improve your On Page Rating.

Security & SSL

Ensure that your website doesn't have vulnerabilities, ensure SSL is installed & HTTPS activated.

Google Lighthouse

Optimising Images, Caching Preferences & CDN to improve your customer experience. Fast Sites Rank.

Consistent Reporting & Communication

I strive to provide a personal, professional relationship with every client I take on. Your success is my priority & I provide regular updates on your campaign.

Regular Reports

Ongoing Audits

Analytics Insights

Keyword Tracking

Website Performance is a HUGE Ranking Factor

Studies suggest that your audience will only wait for 2.3 seconds before navigating away from your website. It’s time to load faster.

Image Optimisation
CSS & JS Delivery
Database Cleanups