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Get Faster loading times for your Local Customers, increase your Search Engine Results & Increase Your Efficiency with our WordPress Hosting Packages

Email Account Included in ALL Packages

FULL SSL - Free Of Charge

Advanced SEO Tools - Included


Why choose Us?

Safe & Secure

Fast page load times thanks to web servers running the HTTP/2 network protocol with multiplexing and header compression for SSL encrypted traffic. SSL Included Free Of Charge

More Configurable

Our Servers aren’t on Shared Plans. You will receive Dedicated VPS Storage, meaning you get superior performance in addition to allowing custom configurations.

Content Delivery Network

Your website content is distributed over Multiple Data Centres, ensuring your Customers receive the extra-fast load times, increasing customer satisfaction.

Commerce Ready

Our Hosting Plans come ready for Stores / Woo Commerce, which include Premium Addons. 

Scheduled Backups

Our Scheduled Backups ensure that you will never be left without a Restore Point.

A Premium Experience

You get all add-ons such as Email Accounts, Backups, SSL & CDN which usually cost an extra fee.

Security is Key

As Cyber Security Professionals, we understand the need for Security.

Data Tracking Tools

Our plans work with Google to track your Website Performance. 


You can access your servers from any Device with Internet Access.

High Storage

Our Plans start with 20GB of Disk Space, which can be increased.

SSL Included (F.O.C)

We install the SSL which give your site the Trusted Padlock HTTPS.

DDoS Protection

Safeguard your website from Online Attacks & Security Threats.


Virtual Private Server Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting? Do I need it?

Any person which wishes to create an online presence will need A Web Hosting subscription so they can build a website and get it ‘online’. We help you turn your idea into a working model.

Which Web Hosting Service Provider will be right for me?

We might be a bit biased, but we like our plan! We offer a flexible pricing structure, allowing you to benefit from a cheaper price without sacrificing performance. 

Why does it cost so much?

Our plans are using VPS Servers, which provide the best possible performance. Whilst there are cheaper plans available, you definitely do get what you pay for & We encourage you to give us a go!

What are the Best Tips for Beginners?

If you’re fully unsure where to start, the best advice would be to get in touch with us. Don’t worry, there’s no Newsletter opt in or harrassing daily emails, we are here to help.

What Special Features do Paddock Solutions offer for Web Hosting?

We offer many solutions for your Online Business. In addition to Hosting, we offer Development, Design & Creative solutions to help you gain, grow or maintain your Online Presence.

What if I have more questions? Or a more complex requirement?

Please Contact Us! We are super-friendly, honest.

Still Not Sure If a VPS Is Right for You?

We have a handful of Happy Customers who are enjoying the many benefits of our hosting packages. Remember, we offer many additions such as Free SSL, Premium Plugins & Fantastic Performance to accompany it all.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

We decided to work with Paddock Solutions, as we were really intrigued with their philosophy. They didn’t make any promises that we would be #1 on Google, but instead gave a solid plan for how they would try to achieve the best results. I work with Tom on a monthly basis & it’s more than paid for itself.

Mr Crossland

Owner, A - Circle

As a Startup, it was extremely difficult to dedicate time to my project. Speaking to Tom is probably one of the best business decisions I have made. All Solutions are provided in house, Graphic Design, Content Writing & Optimisation. When my Hosting Contract Expires, I’ll be back!

Dan Greene

Director, FScouted

A Huge bonus working with Tom is that he provides all of the work for my website. From SEO, to Design and Marketing. I used to employ 4 Freelancers who did his job, but often communication was quite sketchy. Working with a single employee provides many benefits. I can’t comment on the hosting side.


Site Witheld

Satisfaction Guaranteed

High Quality Performance

Our Servers are using the latest technology to provide High Quality Performance. This leads to higher User Experience  when coupled with our Optimisation Process & Specialist Plugins.

Low & Affordable Pricing

We are constantly monitoring our pricing, ensuring that we can provide the best possible price. Our pricing structure is competitive at all levels, without sacrificing elsewhere. 

Let’s Start Your Hosting Journey

The first step of taking your Website Online. We can help you find a domain, we can optimise it for Performance and turn your idea into a reality. Let’s get going!